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8.4 Managing Threads

As an instructor, it is wise to become familiar with the forum management tools. To access these tools, browse a forum while logged in as an instructor or as a student with forum management privileges.

For each thread in a forum, the following actions are available:

Stick Thread

Use the exclamation point icon next to a thread to stick it. This keeps the specified thread at the very top of the forum's thread list and is useful for keeping important information visible to forum users.

To unstick a thread, just use the Sticky Thread icon again.

Some possible uses of a sticky thread include: course dates, forum rules, contact information, or important course material.

Lock Thread

Use the Lock icon next to the thread title to lock a thread. There are two options for locking a thread - lock posting and reading, and lock posting only. Lock posting and reading closes the thread so that no one can read the contents or post replies. But note that the title of the thread will remain listed in the forum. Lock posting only will let users read the entire thread but not post any replies to it.

To change the lock preferences or unlock a thread, use the Unlock Thread icon.

Delete Thread
To delete a thread, use the Delete Thread icon next to the thread title. This will delete all messages within the thread and cannot be undeleted.
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